Revolutionize your system with a
Line Boss® Label Applicator

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Revolutionize your system with a
Line Boss® Label Applicator

What will Line Boss® do for you?


between lines, label sizes, pots & trays

production costs & boost bottom line

Get the right system in place so you can get back to focusing on what matters most – growing beautiful plants that fly off the shelves!

Designed by Grower Industry Experts

Simplify & Reduce Cost!

Line Boss® in Action

One Line Boss® does the work of 4-6 people.
Streamline your production and thrive!

Line Boss® is the most versatile in-stream label applicator on the market. It quickly adapts while providing unmatched control and versatility. Transitioning between label sizes, lines, pots and trays are a snap with Line Boss®.
  • Improves label quality, scanability and product/brand appeal
  • Decreases label vulnerability to environmental elements
  • Reduces downtime, maintenance and labor expenses

Designed by growers, for growers!

Choose the Line Boss® perfect for your operation.

Line Boss®

  • Two applicator heads
  • Recommended for: Applying pre-printed labels on both sides of the tray or individual pots with provided conveyor and top hold down belt

Line Boss® Quad

  • Four applicator heads
    Two heads running, two heads staged for the next item
  • Recommended for: Applying pre-printed labels on both sides for high paced environments that require zero downtime with provided conveyor and top hold down belt

Line Boss® Jr. PA

  • One applicator head with onboard printer
    One applicator head with onboard printer
  • Recommended for: Applying single side print and apply labels with your current conveyor

Line Boss® Jr.

  • One applicator head
  • Recommended for: Applying single side pre-printed labels with your current conveyor

Full System Features Include:

  • MT1000 Series 12” wide x 10’ long
  • Mattop conveyor on casters powered top hold down assembly
  • 1000 Series modular mounting base 40” outrigger
  • CTM series 360a merge applicator, right and left hand
  • Line rate encoder to synchronize labelers to the product velocity
  • 3-light alarm stack assembly
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Elevate your Line Boss® experience

Level-up your Line Boss® by pairing it with an Epson Color Printer featuring rewind assembly.
Features include:

  • CMYK full color durable pigment inks
  • 11” per second print speed
  • 1200 x 600 dpi resolution
Epson Printer

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Upgrade your brand and grow:

Line Boss® Label Applicators come with free on-site installation, setup, and training by our factory-trained technicians. We go on to offer ongoing phone and remote desktop support, to keep your operation running smoothly and profitably.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel with a reliable and efficient labeling solution in place, hands-on support, and a fresh upgrade for your business!

Most people don’t actually realize how much money and time they’re losing with a broken labeling system. Kiss overruns, obsolete items, and downtime goodbye, with Line Boss® powered by Advantage Label & Packaging.

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