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Line Boss® in Action

One Line Boss® does the work of 4-6 people.
Streamline your production and thrive!

Line Boss® is the most versatile in-stream label applicator on the market. It quickly adapts while providing unmatched control and versatility. Transitioning between label sizes, lines, pots and trays are a snap with Line Boss®.

Designed by growers, for growers!

Choose the Line Boss® perfect for your operation.

Line Boss®

  • Two applicator heads
  • Recommended for: Apply Only labels on both sides of the tray or individual pots with provided conveyor and top hold-down belt.

Line Boss® Quad

  • Four applicator heads
    Two heads running and two heads staged for the next item.
  • Recommended for: Apply Only labels on both sides for high-level environments that require zero downtime with provided conveyor and top hold-down belt.

Line Boss® Jr. PA

  • One applicator head with onboard printing: Two heads running and two heads staged for the next item.
  • Recommended for: Applying single-sided print and apply labels with your current conveyor.

Line Boss® Jr.

  • One applicator head
  • Recommended for: Applying single-sided pre-printed labels with your current conveyor.

Other Features Include:

  • MT1000 Series 12” wide x 10’ long
  • Mattop conveyor on casters powered top hold-down assembly
  • 1000-series modular mounting base 40” outrigger
  • CTM-series 360a merge applicator, right and left hand
  • Line rate encoder to synchronize labelers to the product velocity
  • 3-light alarm stack assembly
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With Advantage Label & Packaging, there is a solution for every one of your labeling needs.

Epson Printer
Epson Printer
Pair your Line Boss® with an Epson Color printer with rewind assembly and never worry about running out of labels again.
Thermal Printing
Thermal Transfer Labels for Growing Industry
Get highly durable and versatile labels with thermal-transfer printing.
Pre-printed Labels
Pre printed Produce Labels
Streamline your production process with our pre-printed color labels.

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Update your Production Process

Labeling Fruits & Vegetables

For more than 20 years, Advantage Label has revolutionized the grower industry. We provide safer, FDA compliant labeling solutions that meet the requirements of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and Country of Origin Labeling (COOL).

Choose from a wide variety of produce labeling options including: adhesive labels (pressure-sensitive), bag tags, onion strip tags and many more.

Whether you’re looking for a turnkey solution to print GTIN labels for produce-traceability and PTI compliance, or simply looking for pre-printed produce labels and tags, we can help.

Custom & Generic Direct Food Contact Labels






Assorted Fruit

Tags, Strip Tags, and Bag Tags

Onion Strip Tags for Mesh Bags

Asparagus Tags

Bag Tags (non-adhesive)

Custom Container Labels

Clamshell Labels

Beverage Labels

Retail Product Labels

Product Traceability Initiative

Advantage Label offers the following solutions for meeting the goals laid out in the Product Traceability Initiative Action Plan:

  • Thermal printers
  • Label Software for creating & printing GTIN labels with barcode and Voice Pick Code
  • RPC Labels
  • Case Labels
  • Pallet Tags

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Label Applicators & Dispensing Units

Semi-Auto to High Speed Auto Labeling

Print & Apply Labeling Systems

Label Dispenser & Hand Held Applicators

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Imagine how confident you’ll feel with a reliable and efficient labeling solution in place.

Most people don’t realize how much money and time they are losing with a broken labeling system. Kiss overruns, obsolete items and downtime goodbye with Line Boss® — powered by Advantage Label & Packaging.

Labeling products to help the growing industry

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