FDA Compliant Labels

Industries like food and beauty products most often need to comply with FDA guidelines and regulations both in what is ON the label as well as the TYPE of label.

You can count on our years of experience in this industry to deliver food labeling solutions that are appropriate for your product and are compliant with FDA direct food labeling standards. We provide labels that are for safe for direct food contact and don’t compromise the integrity or quality of your product. Safely label coffee, snacks, produce, poultry, and beauty products with our variety of labeling solutions.  From self-adhesive and pressure-sensitive labels to produce tracking and printing solutions, our experienced staff will help you select a label that’s safe, effective and efficient.

Direct food labeling

If you’re looking to create a label that will be applied on food, or package the food product, you are subject to FDA compliance for the label components and any adhesives must be guaranteed not to transfer to your product.

New GS1 DataBars (Bar Codes) on Apple

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