Data Collection Solutions

The ability to capture and verify data quickly and accurately is critical to the success of your company, no matter what industry. Advantage Label partners with premier brands like Zebra to bring you a variety of custom data collection solutions to put you in control of your inventory and information.

Customized Data Collection

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hand held bar code scanner for data collection

data collection bar code scanners

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Bar Code Verification

Track your inventory accurately, every time. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of products leaving your facility, you can’t afford for your bar code to fail. Our barcode verification systems range from mobile devices to full integration into your printing process. Track your goods at every level of the supply chain and ensure your inventory goes where needs to go.

Data Collection

Gather, measure, use. Information is the lifeline of every business. Advantage Label offers High-Mark data collection, inspection and verification systems to get you the information you want; in the format you want it.

Data/Lot Code Verification

Verify your data and lot codes to ensure the correct product is on time and on track with our Data/Lot Code Verification systems. Our data/lot code verification systems range from handheld devices to full integration into your existing system.

Portable Data Collection

Terminals quickly and efficiently collect data when and where you want to and interface directly with your business software in real-time.  An app on a mobile phone can be novel, but our enterprise class terminals offer superior durability in harsh environments and also robust tools to interface with your ERP software.

Portable Label, Tag & Receipt Printers

Convenient, fast and accurate. Give your business flexibility with our portable label, tag and receipt printers. Mobility means you can engage with customers at the point of sale. From manufacturing, to inventory, to retail, our portable printers give you the ability to be where you need to be, without being tied to a desk,


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