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Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds many customers in all different industries. This has allowed us to develop a diverse range of labeling solutions and best practices to handle just about every labeling need.

Every customer is different and each has its unique needs. When you work with the Advantage Label team, we’ll identify and discover exactly what you need your label to do. Drawing upon our breadth of experience, we’ll develop the appropriate solutions that are both efficient and effective.

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Industrial & Automotive

A trusted supplier who’s been serving automotive and industrial clients from day one. We understand that time, cost and quality are critical elements in all facets of these industries.

consumer goods product labels

Consumer Goods

First impressions are everything. Your brand needs to stand out. We’ll help you maximize your brand’s impact by carefully selecting the perfect label solution for your product.

electronic product labels

Electronic Product Manufacturers

Electronic component labels must stand up to manufacturing processes and perform for the life of the electronic product itself. Advantage Label is also an authorized manufacturer of UL approved labels.

heat uv and solvent resistant labels GHS compliant

Chemical Manufacturers

Companies who produce or handle chemicals or potentially hazardous ingredients, need labels that can stand up to abrasion, heat and other harsh elements, including the chemicals in the package.

nursery plant tags

Growing Industry Nursery Labels & Tags

We are a trusted supplier to many large growers, providing nursery labels, tags and point of sale signs that stand up to all types of handling and weather conditions.

AL Squash produce tracking direct food contact labels

Produce Growers

Labeling fruits and vegetables for the stores, point of sale and  solutions for meeting the goals laid out in the Product Traceability Initiative Action Plan.

body armor label printer supplier

Body Armor Manufacturers

We provide Department of Defense and NIJ approved labeling for body armor care labels, hard armor and inserts, instructions as well as helmet, shield and accessory identification labels.

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Private Label Goods Manufacturers

Your business requires quality, consistent labels to meet your demanding production schedules. We work with you, or the brands to gather and approve artwork for all labels.

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