Private Label Manufacturers

We understand, private label companies require a label supplier who can deliver quality, consistent labels and meet demanding production schedules. Our in-house art department is also here to work directly with the brands or brand managers you serve.

Private Label Solutions

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We believe that sometimes the perfect label doesn’t look like a label at all. Instead, it integrates seamlessly with the product package design creating a compelling look that helps the product stand out.  Advantage Label & Packaging specializes in private label solutions and we’re ready to help.

As a manufacturer of private label goods, you likely package and label products for several different brands – national, regional or local retailers as well as your own brands. This requires a label supplier who can deliver quality, consistent labels and meet your demanding production schedules. Due to our service and delivery capabilities, we’re proud to say we are also an approved label provider for Michaels, Walmart, Kroger and Meijer – just to name a few.

Our in house art department can work with the brands, brand managers and their art departments to gather label artwork. This makes your job a little easier when we can take care of the label art, client approvals and deliver the labels when you need them.

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